Premixing Kit for sensor taps: 35KIT001

Fiore Rubinetterie Srl
Date:  28 November 2014

Premixing Kit for electronic taps: 35KIT001

Do you want to have the possibility to have mixed water in your sensor taps, but not giving the possibility to change the temperature from the final user?

You can do it with our PREMIXING KIT  for electronic taps!

The Premixing Kit consists in a simple special T connection with 2 Anti-Return valves and in the 2 flex hoses to connect to the angle valves of the hot and the cold waters.  We can supply you also the 2 angle valves if your bathroom doesn’t have them.

With this system is possible to fix the desired temperature just opening and closing the angle valves so that the already mixed water goes to the sensor taps.

This system is especially recommended in public places, where it’s not necessary to give to the users the possibility to “play” with the temperature of the mixers and to leave the mixer in a position of water too hot or too cold.

This system is also very interesting to save energy during the hot season, because closing the angle valve for the hot water, the sensor taps can work properly just with the cold water.

Please check our series XENOMAT to see the models of sensor taps at which you can add this system to have the premixing water!