Extension kit for built-in shower mixer

Fiore Rubinetterie Srl
Date:  09 December 2014

Extension kit for built-in shower mixer

Did you install our shower mixer too recessed into the wall?
No problem, we have made now an extension kit to extend the tap off the wall and solve the problem without removing the tap and without breaking the covering of tiles or marble.

Extension kit

It may happen that the thickness of the last covering of the wall, such as tiles and marble, is excessive and goes to cover the mixer.
For this reason, in the past it was necessary to re-install the mixer to a proper depth, suitable to be able to cover with its supplied wall-plate and to fix the lever of the mixer. This solution could take a long time and be expensive if the mixer was already completely covered by the final coatings.
For this reason we have created an extension kit suitable for all our built-in shower mixers, with and without diverter!
It's enough to follow the simple instructions that accompany the extension kit to fix the problem and to have the mixer to a perfect depth from the wall covering, so that it's possible to apply the wall-plate and the lever without problems.

All this can be done without breaking tiles and marble and without dismantling the tap of the wall!

This solution is available for both our old and new models of built-in shower mixer, so don't worry about when you have purchased your tap.
Also in this case Fiore Rubinetterie wanted to put the service to its customers and partners at the first place and give you a simple and economic solution!

Art. 35 KIP0 01

Chrome extension kit for built-in shower mixer

Art. 35 KIP0 10

Chrome extension kit for built-in shower mixer with diverter

Download here the assembling instructions of the special extension kit for shower mixer!