Electronic faucets: Detection distance of the sensor

Our electronic faucets are sold having the set detection distance under the aerator.
During the installation of the battery box it is possible to change this distance for mistake, for example keeping a rag in front of the sensor.
In this way you unintentionally change the correct detection distance in a very short one. So the sensor cannot open the water when the hands are under the aerator.

To correct the detection distance:
1- Disconnect the power supply (Batteries or mains).
2- Wait a few seconds and reconnect the power
3- Position your hand less than 5 cm in front of the
sensor while the red led is flashing.
4- When the led is continuously lit (and no more
flashing), move your hand at the new detection
distance (under the aerator – where you prefer).
5- Wait until the red led goes out before removing
your hand.
6- When the led goes out the new distance is

In order to keep the configured detection distance during the changing of the batteries, ensure that there is nothing in
front of the sensor positioned less than 5 cm while the red led is flashing.