Available surface finishings:

Our products are available with many different finishings.

You can have a look of our main finishings with the list below:

Chrome - CRSteel- AASatin - SSSatin/Chrome - SC
Old Bronze - ZZOld Copper - RRTerra Di Francia/Chrome - TCCappuccino/Chrome - CC
Gold - OOChrome/Gold - COEcru/Chrome - EC Granite Grey/Chrome - GG
Safari/Chrome - SAGranite Black/Chrome - GNGranite White/Chrome - C1Granite Sand/Chrome - GS
Grey Metallic/Chrome - GMBlack Metallic/Chrome - NMWhite Mat/Chrome - BCBlack Mat/Chrome - NC

Our models have standard finishings indicated on the catalogue, but we can produce them also with different and special finishings with a Minimum Of Quantity.

How to order the surface finishings:

for the single lever mixers the finishing is indicated by the 2 letters in the article number:

for example 81 CR 8120.
81 is the code of the KEVON handle
CR is the code for the Chrome finishing
8120 is the code of the model

You can indicate a different finishing using a different code instead of CR, so:
CR = Chrome

For example, using the Jafar series:
47CR5221 is for the chrome
47OO5221 is for the gold
47CO5221 is for the chrome/gold
47ZZ5221 is for the old bronze

 We indicate the finishing in a different way for the two handles mixers: there are two zero (00)for the chrome instead of CR, the first zero is after the code of the handle and the second zero is after the code of the body.
For example, using a Margot article:
26 0623 01
26 is the code for the Margot handle
623 is the code for the body of the basin mixer
1 is the variant of this model, in this case with flex hoses (for example this code could mean a different kind of shower hand for bath mixer)

The other codes for the different finishings are the same of the single lever mixer (only the chrome is different: CR for single lever mixers, 00 for the two handles mixers), so:

For the two handles it is necessary to separate the 2 letters, so for example:
26 C623 O1 is for the chrome/gold
26 Z623 Z1 is for the old bronze
26 O623 O1 is for the gold

CARE OF FINISH: We recommend you to keep the surface of the product clean  so that the dirt and the limestone don't  attack the finish.
To clean the purchased product, use a soft cloth, mild soap and water not to scratch and not to change the finish. The soap should be rinsed with water throughly so that it does not deposit on the tap.
The use of abrasive products (eg. Products containing ammonia) may damage the surface. For such damage the product is not under warranty.
The special finishes are the result of particular processes that add value. Minor variations and imperfections are to be considered a virtue of exclusivity of the piece itself.

All the pictures of the finishing are only indicative, therefore are not binding to their real execution. Moreover, the company reserves itself the right to modify or change styles or oppress some finishings without notice.