Do you have problems to install your new kitchen mixer with pull-out shower because the hole in the sink is too small?

Don't worry, because now we have another new model right for the sinks with smaller hole, until 32 mm!


NOUVEAU MITIGEUR D’ÉVIER BASCULANT 44CR5467 Avez-vous déjà rêver de cuisiner devant la fenêtre ? Les mitigeurs classiques sont trop encombrants et ne donnent pas la possibilité d'ouvrir votre fenêtre. Pas de problème avec le nouveau mitigeur d'évier basculant de Fiore !

Premixing Kit for sensor taps

Do you want to have the possibility to have mixed water in your sensor taps, but not giving the possibility to change the temperature from the final user? You can do it with our PREMIXING KIT for electronic taps!

Water Saving Systems

Drinking water is the fundamental basis for the life on our planet and it is our duty to protect and preserve this precious resource. FIORE suggest the use some special items to reduce the flow so to used the right quantity of water, neither too little nor too much. Reducing the water consumption means as well as reducing the energy required to heat it, so obtaining a reduction of CO2 emissions.