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The best antibacterial technology for your home

The most advanced antimicrobial technology to protect you from dangers you don't see...

Most bacteria are rendered harmless by the protective effects of our immune system and some of them are beneficial, but several species of pathogenic bacteria, such as Legionellosis, Salmonella, SARS-CoV-2, can cause serious infectious diseases. Greentech_Bio technology uses silver ions to inhibit bacterial growth providing long-lasting protection for painted coatings.

Protection at home

Home is your safe haven, the place to spend time with your family and come back to after a long day. It is therefore inevitable that germs accumulate, and keeping your family safe is a priority. It is impossible to keep every surface clean all the time, for this reason applying Greentech_Bio on our products will allow you to prevent them from spreading of harmful bacteria and create a safe and clean atmosphere even in shared areas.

Silver ion technology

Silver has been used since ancient times as a natural antibacterial to prevent the growth of bacteria without the risks of high toxicity associated with other metals.

_How it works?_ When bacteria affect the surface treated with Greentech_Bio, the silver ions interact with the pathogenic DNA and inhibit cell division which leads to the formation of bacterial colonies, thus stopping reproduction. The protection is incredibly strong, durable and highly active. When the additive is added, it disperses throughout the mass until it becomes part of the product. The active ingredient offers maximum antibacterial protection throughout the useful life of our mixer.

Protection for surface finish

The additive is added to the coating based on powder paint which, besides
giving it an elegant and refined appearance, guarantees maximum protection
against microorganisms such as bacteria and mold, making the space safe and
hygienic even in shared areas.


Greentech_Bio is effectively tested against over 50 different types of
pathogenic bacteria (including Campylobacter, Salmonella, Legionellosis,
MRSA) and against certain types of viruses including SARS-CoV-2 with
its variants and Norovirus, reducing bacteria overgrowth by 99.99%. The
tests performed comply with ISO 22196: 2011 (all tests are available on

Sink mixer BIO

306NN9208 BIO

The treatment over time...

We consider that the treatment has a duration equal to the life cycle of the mixer.
Even from an aesthetic point of view, the finish does not undergo any alteration.
However, we recommend adequate cleaning and proper maintenance to keep the
mixer intact over time.